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I'm Laura 

For me, Interaction Design means creating User Experiences through human-centered and meaningful design. 

I love to create Design that affect peoples' lives positively.


my projects


Moments of Memories

SONEA is a loving companion for people in the mortal and mourning situation. An emotional composition of move-ment, colors and sound should bring relaxation, ease and connection to the encounter.

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a tool for digital farming

As global problems such as resource scarcity, deforestation and environmental pollution continue to increase, we aimed to support vertical farms with a modern and flexible software system. 

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The Eye

an interactive exhibit

In cooperation with the Optik Museum in Jena we developed an interactive table showing the eye and

its' eye sights. 

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a digital companion

to prevent panic attacks

Nowadays panic attacks are a widespread disease.

Cado should provide affected people by giving security in everyday life and alleviating or prevent further panic attacks.

How beer is made

As almost everyone knows how beer tastes,

but no one really knows how it is truly produced,

we created an interactive beer project. It should give

a simple overview and guide the user through the beer brewing process – from the grain to the bottling. 

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Please have a look at my digital drawings!