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a digital companion 


Nowadays panic attacks are a widespread disease, that almost every sixth adult is affected by. Most people don't know how to behave when confronted with their first panic attack and seek help from a doctor, get medicine but never get long-term support to alleviate or prevent their attacks. Also, they are constantly under stress, as they don't know which situations caused or could cause another panic attack in the future.


Cado is a technical helper, that should provide affected persons,

suffering from panic attacks, with security in everyday life and alleviate

or even prevent further attacks.



How to get Cado

Julia amidst a crowd of people.

She feels the panic attack coming up. 

She goes to the doctor and gets Cado recommended. 

Cado consists of a Smart Watch with a removable body, an arm band for measuring vital functions and an additional app. 

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Firstly Julia has to fill in her personal data, then she has to set up three options to get calmed down or distracted during the next panic attack.

a breathing exercise, her favorite music to calm down and a trusted person's phone number to get a call. Every option has to be set in advance so that when the next attack comes, the advice can offer support automatically.

Set up




incoming call from Leonie

self-selected music

Cado in use 

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Julia amidst a crowd of people.

She feels the panic attack coming up. 

She takes the body from the Watch bracelet in her hand. The breathing exercise, which she has set before, starts automatically. 

At the same time her mother gets a message on her Smartphone that Julia suffers from a panic attack. So she can call her and distract her from the attack. 


After the attack

Julia can save her symptoms and how she felt during the attack and share it with her doctor. 

The data exchange between the user and the doctor should be used as a supportive therapy, so that the attacks and the vital functions ​​can be oberserved and the therapy methods can be adjusted accordingly.



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Rifat Erdogan


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