The Eye 

an interactive table

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In cooperation with the German Optik Museum in Jena, we developed an interactive table based on the anatomy of the eye and it's visual impairments. The museum visitor can discover the information of the eye in a playful way. As there are younger and older visitors we tried to keep UI and interaction simple and easy to understand. The table has been developed through a bare conductive touch board, plexiglass-lenses and laser beams. 

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Anatomy of the eye

The museum visitor can click through the different 'layers' of the eye. The information of the selected layer can be viewed on the left side. 

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Visual impairments

To get a feeling for the eye's visual defects, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, the museum visitor can choose between three lenses. Each lens represents a specific eyesight, which is explained more detailed through text and video. 

We have made the lenses from Plexiglas. They can be placed in front of three laser beams. At the same time, a video is displayed on the left side, showing how the person with the corresponding vision perceives his world. Depending on which lens the visitor chooses, the video adapts accordingly. 

normal sight

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nearsightedness/ myopia

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longsightedness/ hyperopia

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systems II

4th semester


Jessica Hoermann

Noemi Roser


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