In a team of nine, consisting of students from the third and sixth semester,

we redesigned our University's Homepage. Each of us took care of a particular issue. 

My fellow student Johannes and I were responsible for a new online application process. So far, students could only apply for a place at university through an application form, that has to be printed, filled and sent by post. This process should become more contemporary in the future - through online application. 



Since all the information was visible on the old form, misunderstandings among the applicants occurred regularly. A lot of information that have been given in the process, did not apply to every applicant. Therefore, in the new application process, should be ensured, that the applicant can only give the information that is relevant.

Our goal during development and designing was to keep the process simple and easy to understand. At the same time, we had to keep the most important data. We created a new, modern and understandable version of the previous process. 



Homepage Redesign

3rd Semester


Johannes Merkt 

Laura Dworatschek



Adobe Creative Suite