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Global problems such as resource scarcity, deforestation and pollution continue to increase.

We made it our mission to support, control and monitor Vertical Farms with the help of our software system PLANTERS.


Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is an agricultural concept in which production takes place vertically in high-rise buildings or factory halls. This enables direct cultivation in the city, saving transport routes, water and space. In addition, no pollutants, such as pesticides, need to be used. Thus, the best possible quality of the plants can be guaranteed. 



PLANTERS is a modular, intuitive and intelligent system that monitors large amounts of data by using sensors. In case of deficiencies or overdosing, the system reacts immediately to solve the specific problem.


AI Application

An AI application ensures optimal plant growth. As the application learns how the plants react to their environment. It can adjust them optimally and constantly, so that continuous improvement is achieved.

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The data from different farms are collected and stored in a cloud.

This data helps to optimize the AI application.

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Planters Service

An additional service of PLANTERS is the automated stock and resource monitoring. If new goods are needed, they are automatically replenished. This way, the well-being of the plants is always guaranteed.

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