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Losing a person to an incurable disease can make you lose control over your life. 

From receiving the diagnosis 'untreatable' to the actual time of death will be a great challenge for all those affected. Unsaid feelings hinder the encounter and often a barrier occurs. Also the communication over distance via social media does not offer the right setting to express our feelings.  



SONEA should be a loving companion for people in the mortal and grief situation.

It should help lowering barriers and make an encounter bearable, easing or even possible.



SONEA is a holistic concept, consisting of several products. It is an emotional composition of movement, colors and sound which brings relaxation, ease and connection to the encounter. 

The design is simple, organic and sensual. A "playful discovery" of the functions should bring ease and joy to the interaction.


Room of relaxation

When the soft interaction surface of Moya will be touched, spherical sounds are generated.

It immerses the user into a world of relaxation and enables him to be more aware of himself, his feelings and needs. The visualization object Lua makes the interaction visible all over the room.

The visualization can be influenced by touching the interaction surface intuitively. The user recognizes the effectiveness of his action, which strengthens his self-confidence and self-image.

He perceives himself as an effective person and can express his needs and make decisions more confidently.


Shared moments of lightness

The visualization can also become the focus of a joint interaction. Since nature makes a decisive contribution to a humans' well-being, the visualization got inspired by the four elements earth, fire, water and air. The user can chose his favorite element via the control panel. For a joint interaction, Moya is connected to the visualization object Lua, the visualization appears in the room and can be influenced together. This offers space to make the unspoken visible, the encounter is facilitated and moments of connectedness can arise.


Use at a distance

The small worry stone Remedy also belongs to the product family. The affected person will pass it

to his close relative. If Remedy will be picked up, the charging station of Moya is lighting up, so the affected person knows that his close relative thinks about him – from a distance.

In order to interact together, the person affected can partake Moya, Moya and Lua will switch on automatically and the visualization becomes visible in the room. The close relative sees the same visualization via SONEA app. The joint interaction can create closeness at a distance.

Moments of Memories

The mourner should also be accompanied by our product. 'Moments of Memories' is a small box that contains a memento and a QR code. During the dying process, the person affected can leave personal messages in the app to his loved ones, such as photos, text or voice messages.

In the mourning phase, these messages can be viewed via the QR code.

The memento represents a sphere, which symbolizes the shared memories and is intended to give consolation to the mourner. The inner world of the sphere is reminiscent of a small 3D world that was generated from all the joint interactions. The interior of the sphere has been created together.



The App recognizes that both users have not interacted for 30 days. The mourner has the option to request his Moments of Memories. In addition, he can choose the structure of his individual marble - fire, earth, water or air. After the process is completed, the box will be send to him.




Sphere with 3D-structure generated from all previous joint interactions


During the dying process, the person affected can save personal messages for their loved ones in the app.

The mourner can view these via QR code.

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Interaction Design

Product Design


Isabella Wolf

Laura Dworatschek


Adobe Creative Suite